Aerial Drone
Aerial drone
Vital statistics
Type Flying Recon Drone
Manufacturer Xatrix Fertigung
Department(s) S03Ep04 The Order of Eternity
Sim Star Trek Eternity
The Aerial Drone is a combat capable flying reconnaissance robot within the alternate timeline experienced in Star Trek Eternity's S03Ep04 The Order of Eternity. It was in use by Germany during the attack on Paris France in 1940.

Description Edit

The Aerial Drone (German: flegen-Drohnen, French: Voler) has a resilient outer casing that is supported by seamless welds to support an aerodynamic body. It is supported via broadcast signals that are regulated in control by a central AI. Images captured by the drone are sent via this network into central processing which is relayed to German troops both biomechanical and mechanical via the shared Consciousness.

In flight, the Aerial Drone uses sophisticated anti gravity generators located on it's left and right side using minor bursts of conventional thrust. These anti-gravity generators are small rotory engines that produce a high pitched "buzzsaw" like sound when heard.

Finally, the Aerial Drone is minorly capable at combat equipped with a single mount that can be used for any gas propellent weapon.

Uses Edit

In occupied Germany cities, the Aerial Drone serves as an early warning sentry, as well as peace keeper for minor infractions. It is also in service to the communications network in both occupied cities and military engagements, with the capacity to intercept communication traffic and relay back to the central processing of the controlling AI. Very rarely is the Aerial Drone used for combat, proving to be more reliable as a recon craft for the German effort.

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