"I see C-Consciousness..., I don't understand it yet and I guess that's kind of how mystisim get's anyway right? I mean you'll never understand it anyway though it's only heard about..,"

- Anam Farooqi (writer) during the Star Trek Eternity Roundtable on FSF Radio 2

The C-Consciousness is a plot element derived by the origins of the Borg's Collective Consciousness (C-Consciousness). It has threads in nearly every aspect pertaining to the greater Star Trek Eternity Universe. It's been approached as something of a religion in practice of worship by the Collective and those that had at one time been part of the Collective. It is said that those that have felt the "touch" of the C-Consciousness knows it's existence and can sense it beyond any distances. Those of the Liberated, the Tranquil, not only can sense the C-Consciousness but, at some levels, communicate with it; not only hear it's thoughts and the millions of voices behind it, but speak with it.

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