Vital statistics
Position Project: Team Victory
Age 36
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Weight 195

"Tell me, Cain, what would it take for you to work on the side of angels?"

-Project Victory Recruiter to Cain. SE01/E01 Victory

Cain is a character within the game Star Trek Victory and was created and written by Gabriel Logan. He is a burned man of the Council for actions taken during the Fringe War wherein he was ordered to destroy the Vault which, subsequently, led to the death of nearly 300 civilians and over a hundred Starfleet and Klingon Officers (S01Ep06 The Followers of Nero).

Summary Edit

History Edit

Canamar Edit

After his burn from the Council, Cain was left to rot in Canamar wherein he had nothing but free time and generally got in trouble as he still hadn't a grasp of respect with authority. He was taken to the prison's medical bay where he was recruited by an unnamed Triexian recruiter for Project Victory, stating that he would gladly accept the invitation to join the project if given a cheeseburger.

Physical Appearance Edit

Cain has green eyes and is perceived as handsome by human standards. He stands 6 feet and 1 inch tall and is muscular. When not in standard Starfleet uniform, Cain generally settles in civilian clothes that are black or dark in hue. He sports a leather jacket. He has a noticeable tattoo under his right ear, a barcode with the designation 3159 and a scar on his right forearm.

Personality Edit

Cain is brash, angry and often rude though surprisingly charming when necessary. As an Agent of the Council, generally fielded in wet work (assassination, disposal, explosives, etc.), there was a degree of clandestine work of practice for him to hone. He simply did what the job required of him and moved onto another assignment. He's deceptively smart, keen on observation and possessing an edietic memory. During his time on assignment, he had the capacity to not only remember the briefing of the mission but also any imagery or layout in it's regard. He read a great deal in prison, fought equally as much, but he's familiar with strategy and tactics. He also has a high tolerance for pain, able to lock it out quickly when others could not without pharmaceutical assistance.

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