Orion Caladan, known more commonly by his regnal name of King Calmest, was the ruler of the Kingdom of Fairfax in the Zahara holographic reality. After the fall of its native reality, the Calmest program managed to hide itself alongside the consciousness of its former host, Owen Scott.


Like the other holographic inhabitants of Zahara, Calmest began its life as a simple holographic program. Unlike most, Calmest was programmed as a so-called "Jack in the Box", a variable element within the great Zahara construct meant to provide entertainment and unique challenges for the participants.

King of FairfaxEdit

Technically speaking, King Calmest was one of the last programs generated within the great Zahara construct. When Starfleet officer Owen Scott crash-landed on the planet, his memories were over-ridden by the new program to create an antagonist for the structure. While the program itself crafted an elaborate back-story for the King, many of his actions were dictated by the instincts of his host.

Calmest's program listed his history as a former peasant named Orion who came up through the ranks of Fairfax's army, eventually unseating the former king during a military coup. Taking on the regnal name of Calmest, he would then begin an aggressive campaign of expansion for the kingdom, at least overtly based on a disdain for the kingdom's magical elements and the growing threat of the Blight.

Ghost in the MachineEdit

Upon exiting the holographic reality of Zahara, Owen Scott was forced to deal with a massive psychological trauma - not only including the time he'd lost in the fictional reality, but the fact that the Calmest program had found a way to permanently hide itself within the security officer's psyche. Most of the early interactions between Scott and Calmest were adversarial in nature, during which the Calmest entity attempted to maneuver Scott into helping find a position to regain its former place of power.

The king and the officer reached a compromise after encountering the Borg C-Consciousness on the Dyson Sphere, with Calmest accepting its reality as an artificial program and Scott accepting the program's right to live on. Calmest now remains mostly dormant, activating only when it believes that its host requires specific aid.

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