Kurr was a Voth Scientist introduced in S02Ep11 Broken City. He was written by Gabriel "The Writer" Logan and died during the same episode when the Dyson Sphere opened causing atmospheric pressure to shift and was impaled by a tree. He was the Voth Jai Culluh, first Maje of the Kazon-Nistrim, approached when his son, Jetan Remsen had been stricken with cancer, the same cancer that had killed the boy's mother and Culluh's wife Seska. Kurr created the chamber that housed the boy, keeping his body alive and his mind occupied and connected to a digital repository capable of storing Jetan's memories. Through Voth engineering, Kurr was able to holographically project Jetan so that Culluh could interact with his son as if he was not on life support. In episode 11 of season 2, Kurr gives Gabriel "Matrix" Logan a, "key," that wasn't so much a key, but rather a shutdown initiative to Jetan Remsen's connection with the chamber and the Dyson sphere which was used at the end of the episode.

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