Lucas Kilkenny is a character in Star Trek: Victory, with ties to Star Trek: Eternity.

Lucas Kilkenny
Vital statistics
Position Team Lead
Age 35
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 6'0
Weight 180

Written by thepariaheffect, Kilkenny is the team leader for the Project: Victory team, as well as its commanding officer during the game's first season. Kilkenny is a former Starfleet Intelligence officer who, like the rest of the team, was enticed by the forces behind Victory into service with the promise of a new life.

Biography Edit

Before Victory Edit

Lucas Kilkenny began his career in Starfleet as an intelligence analyst during the Dominion War, plucked straight from the Academy for his unique ability to predict fleet movements and their consequences. After the War, Kilkenny found himself moving up the ranks of Starfleet Intelligence, spending the majority of his career behind a desk until the outbreak of the Fringe War.

During Kilkenny's posting on the USS San Diego, he was faced with conflicting orders - while he was within the chain of command as the ship's second officer, he was also subject to private orders as a member of Starfleet Intelligence. This conflict came to a head upon the discovery of Romulan research facility that intelligence spoke of as a back-up site to the infamous Vault. Acting on this intelligence, and against orders, Kilkenny launched an assault on the facility - one that was, in reality, a refugee center. Kilkenny was quickly taken to the ship's brig and remanded to Starfleet for custody.

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