Mark XII Carbon Nanofiber Combat Suit
Eternity Armor
Vital statistics
Type Body Armor
Manufacturer Valentove Defense Coalition
Department(s) Security/Marine
Sim Unknown

Mark 12 Carbon Nanofiber Combat suit. The fibers are made from woven strings of graphine, capable of

absorbing most blasts from energy weapons, and have a heavy resistance blunt force. The suit it's self has magnetic locks to keep it fully sealed. The helmet has an advanced HUD display that can scan anything in sight, and has sensors on the back to prevent an enemy from sneaking up on the user, as well as an advanced radar system. The wearer is able to switch through all known spectrum. It holds a fully self-sustained life support system, and small thrusters that can fold out and be used for EVA. It is lightweight, flexible, and on the bottom of the boots air jets lessen the wearer's footsteps to make them silent.

Description and Uses Edit

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Modifications and Settings Edit

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