Owen Scott is a long-serving Starfleet officer and the Chief of Security onboard the USS Hope.

Family and ChildhoodEdit

Owen Andrew Scott was born to Orrin Scott and Janna Powell-Scott, both second-generation Starfleet officers. While born on Earth, Scott spent relatively little of his childhood on the planet, instead spending most of his time on assignment with one or both of his parents. A fairly average student, Owen did little to stand out from the crowd during most of his early life. He did, however, perform well enough in his studies that he seemed likely to secure a berth at Starfleet Academy by the time he turned eighteen.

The only other notable member of Scott's family was his uncle Ezekiel Powell, affectionately known as "Uncle Z". Powell had lead a distinguished career in Starfleet, serving as both a ship's counselor and later finishing his career on Earth with Starfleet Medical.

The Dominion WarEdit

Coming of age during the Dominion War, there was little surprise that Owen would choose to join Starfleet. What was surprising, though, was his insistence on enlisting at the first opportunity. Choosing to forgo his freshman year at Starfleet Academy, Owen instead chose to enlist as a non-commissioned officer at 17.

Security CareerEdit

After the Dominion War, Scott chose to pursue a life in the enlisted ranks rather than return to Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet TacticalEdit

Like most students who attended Starfleet Tactical, Owen was there for a specific reason - a long-term assignment during which his skills could be put to the most use.


Owen spent three years in the Zahara construct, under the guise of King Calmest.

USS Hope & BeyondEdit

Owen's time on the Hope was busy, to say the least.


Conflicted. To say the least.

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