Reaper Team
Reaper team title
Title depicting R4 "Scythe" Fighters
Some attributes
Genre SciFi/Drama
Creator Gabriel Logan
Game Master(s) Unknown
Group Unknown
Reaper Team is the Military Detachment of the Eternity featured in Season 1 of Star Trek Eternity. Their first introduction was in S01Ep03 Metar Colony and played a predominate role during the ground engagments in S01Ep04 The Taking of Ildius 3. Reaper Team was also fundemental in the assalt on the Vault in S01Ep05 The Vault. They were eventually disbanded after S02Ep04 Hope after much of the team were murdered by the radical holographic entity Dr. Douglas H. Harris during the Borg Collective's take over of the ship.

Reaper Team is the subject of the upcoming proposed sim idea of the same name developed by Gabriel Logan that would play in an IRC sim format. Sorties and missions being performed in IRC while off mission characters play, post, and interact with the current episode topic in play by Star Trek Eternity.

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