Star Trek Eternity
St eternity season 3
Title Season 3
Some attributes
Genre Star Trek/Sci-Fi
Creator Gabriel Logan
Game Master(s) Gabriel Logan & Dan Thompson
Group Federation Sim Fleet

Star Trek EternityEdit

Star Trek: Eternity (often referred to as ST:Eternity), is a message board RPG (role playing game) from the Federation Sim Fleet, created by Simming Prize Laureate Gabriel "The Writer" Logan. Originally launched on August 30, 2010 as a Guild Sim, earning high marks for originality and creativity, the game was moved into Spacefleet Online on August 3, 2012 and became a full fledge member of the Federation Sim Fleet. It is currently hosted by FSF Gabe and FSF Sail.


Star Trek: Eternity continues the story of the Prime TNG timeline, forwarding the events depicted in Star Trek Countdown, the prequel three part series for the 2007 Star Trek film; going beyond the fall of the Romulan Star Empire and into the era depicted in Cryptic Studio's Star Trek Online. The game exploits darker themes not traditionally explored in other novella, emphasizing a situational attitude of a cynical nature with undercurrent of spiritual motivations such as fate and destiny. It's main plot is dynamic and elaborative, holding capabilities to adhere to the whims and works of collaborative writers and follows a Season/Episode chronologically. Each Season representing an overarch story that begins and concludes with each new episode presented. The game itself is very writing intensive, situating importance on quality above quantity, a post generally being lengthy rather than simply dictating a character's action in a paragraph or two. The story is unique as it has a beginning and an end, unlike other free form writing sims that can seemingly go on forever.

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Season 1 Edit

Season 1, 6 episodes:

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Season 2, 12 episodes:

Season 3 Edit

Season 3

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Season 4, In Production

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Season 5, In Production

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Season 6, In Production

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Season 7 In Production

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