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May 19, 2015
The episode synopsis for S03Ep04 The Order of Eternity has been created.
April 27, 2015
The episode synopsis for S03Ep03 Flux has been updated.
April 23, 2015
The episode synopsis for S03Ep02 Superposition is completed.

Star Trek Eternity (Game)

Star Trek: Eternity continues the story of the Prime TNG timeline, forwarding the events depicted in Star Trek Countdown, the prequel three part series for the 2007 Star Trek film; going beyond the fall of the Romulan Star Empire and into the era depicted in Cryptic Studio's Star Trek Online. The game exploits darker themes not traditionally explored in other novella, emphasizing a situational attitude of a cynical nature with undercurrent of spiritual motivations such as fate and destiny. It's main plot is dynamic and elaborative, holding capabilities to adhere to the whims and works of collaborative writers and follows a Season/Episode chronologically. Each Season representing an overarching story that begins and concludes with each new episode presented. The game itself is very writing intensive, situating importance on quality above quantity, a post generally being lengthy rather than simply dictating a character's action in a paragraph or two. The story is unique as it has a beginning and an end, unlike other free form writing sims that can seemingly go on forever. Currently, ST:Eternity is slated to end after seven Seasons.  It is currently at the beginning stages of it's Season 3.  

Read The Story So Far to get caught up on Star Trek Eternity.  

Star Trek Victory (Game)

Star Trek: Victory continues the story started in Season 1 of Eternity, beginning with the fallout of the Fringe War and continuing through the fracturing of the Federation. The game can be seen as a companion piece to Eternity, following the themes of fate and consequence as well as exploring the interpersonal relationships of individuals thrown into horrific situations. Following the same Seasons/Episode structure as its parent game, Victory is a finite game meant to explore the greater universe created by Eternity's hosts and writers. Victory will officially launch in January of 2015, with a proposed run of four seasons.

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