Starbase 83
Vital statistics
Type Starbase
Level Tier 3
Location Ildius System
Inhabitants Federation, Romulans (Season 3)

Starbase 83 was the base establishment for Task Force 83 during the initial discovery of the Ildius System and subsequently, the Fringe War. During the initial openings of the conflict with the Followers of Nero, Starbase 83 resided on the other side of the Neutral Zone. However, after the incident in the Cha'Dan System of Klingon Space (S01Ep02 The Klingon Resolve), the Starbase became the front line installation for all Federation activity within the area of Fringe space.

After the conflict ended, Starbase 83 was moved to the Ildius System in orbit around Ildius 3 where it served as relay and shipyard for Metar Colony as well as a secret installation for the Council. This is also where the Cerberus Class Eternity had been created.

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