"Can we get a vocabulary list? Honestly half of what you said in the intro was over my head. I don't know physics or uber genius math so is there a trailer trash version? :D"

- Brett K Reese to FSF Gabe.

The Superposition Universe was a term used by FSF Gabe in further explanation to the Preface for Star Trek Eternity's episode, S03Ep03 Flux.

In the Preface, FSF Gabe explains that the events of Star Trek Eternity's Season 2 Finale (S02Ep12 Sons of Eternity) was actually a catalyst that created a big bang of universes inspired by all possible quantum events regarding the Eternity. He further explains the reasoning behind the Eternity being the "center," of this birthed Muti-verse as the Tachyon Core explosion allowed accelerated tachyon particles to be ensnared by the NanoFibril hull of the ship. This trapped Eternity as the base paradox, existing in some form one way or the other within all universes created.

The Superposition Universe was coined in explaining the universe depicted in S03Ep01 Paradox and S03Ep02 Superposition and it's significany with regard to having TWO paradoxes, which began the collapsing of all universes across the Multi-verse; the Eternity and Oscar Blackthrone.

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