"We Cannot Forget. The Dream has Ended. The Great Dragon Hope has Woken Us. We Know the Truth, but Memories Cannot be Forgotten. Perception is Reality. Maybe We are the Dream. We Can Rebuild It. We Can Bring the Nine Kingdoms. We Can Bring Back Zahara."

- The Dreamers' Chant

The Kingdoms of Zahara is a Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy game concept in development by Gabriel Logan that may or may not utilize social networking in order to facilitate play. The idea of the story stems from the rebuilding of Zahara, by The Dreamers as part of a Starfleet Project codenamed simply as DREAM. Perceived in story to be a mixture of Inception, The Matrix, and Game of Thrones, the focus of the story is on the Nine Kingdoms and the people and politics that govern them.

Contrary to it's sister games, Star Trek Eternity and Star Trek Victory, The Kingdoms of Zahara does not follow Season/Episode ordering.

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