U.S.S. Victory
Mir main
Some attributes
Class Miranda
Registry NCC-9326
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Status Active

History Edit

The U.S.S. Victory NCC-9326 is a Starfleet vessel active in the early 2390s. The ship was first

commissioned in 2280 as the U.S.S. Ohio Valley, and received its first major retrofit in 2374 as part of an initiative to prepare the older portions of the fleet for conflict with the Dominion.

Rechristened the Victory in 2393, the vessel has been upgraded to current fleet technological standards, though its speed and combat capacities are still far below that of most ships of the line. Indeed, the vessel was chosen precisely for that reason - it was one of the few ships in the Fleet that no admiral or system governor would mind taken away from its duties.

Modifications Edit

While the Victory is largely an un-modified craft, some minor adjustments have been made to the interior of the vessel. The ship boasts internal holographic projectors for the use of so-called "holo-crew" technology, meant to supplement the necessarily small crew on its mission. The vessel's modular design has also allowed for the addition a second set of holodecks on Deck Four, as well as a second lounge and gymnasium on Deck Five.

Deck Listing Edit

Deck One: Bridge, Briefing Room, Captain's Ready Room

Deck Two: Officers Quarters, Primary Sensor Array, Auxiliary Communications Array

Deck Three: Officers Quarters, Sickbay, Science Offices, Primary Holoprogram Controls

Deck Four: Crew Quarters, Transporter Room, Guest Quarters, Stellar Cartography, Holodeck

Deck Five: Crew Quarters, Brig, Armory, Security Offices, Shuttlebays 1/2 (upper), Lounge, Gymnasium

Deck Six: Team Victory Quarters, Holodecks, Shuttlebays 1/2, Lounge, Gymnasium

Deck Seven: Main Engineering, Transporter, Cargo Bays

Deck Eight: Lower Engineering, Computer Core, Sensors

Deck Nine: Computer Core, Labs

Deck Ten: Storage, Cargo Bays

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