The Vault
As seen in S01Ep05 The Vault
Some attributes
Class Tal Shair Shipyard
Registry Unknown
Affiliation Followers of Nero
Status Destroyed S01Ep05 The Vault
Tal Shiar logo
The Vault is a installation introduced in Star Trek Eternity Season 1 during the episode S01Ep05 The Vault. It is also a predominate installation of the Followers of Nero and the source of their technology during the events of the Fringe War. Original a Tal Shair installation, after the Praetor was overthrown by Captain Nero, it was used to retrofit the Narada with Borg Technology. In Star Trek Eternity, the installation was used to create the Nero and the Aehkhifv and, as it's last ship to be refited before being destroyed, the Eternity. During the process of refit with the Eternity, the ship's Captain, James Maxwell was fitted with a positronic spine and a neural interface module to the ship. The facility was destroyed in a operation carried out by order from Captain Maxwell; the Council Agent that did the deed actually Cain who took the fall for it's destruction as well as the deaths of several hundred Starfleet and civilian officers still aboard during the explosion. However, technology recovered by Amelia Moore survived the destruction and was later used during the Cerberus Class Project.

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